• Lordandmaster


    November 27, 2009 by Lordandmaster

    The following is said in the same voice as Ricky Gervais. So, I've got so much work to do with this wiki I think I'll need some help. I'm gonna promote one of you lot to admin status. But this is gonna be a contest. To win you must 1. you must have a minimum amount of edits being fifty, 2. you must get someone else to join our community and number 3. you must have an account. If you can do all of these things before anyone else, then you'll become an admin. Your edits must be on the pages listed on my other blog, Wiki progress. You must tell me once you get fifty all in order edits. I can see when you do something purposefully. NO CHEATING! Lying is allowed because I can see though anyone's bluff. And coz it says so on your user contributi…

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  • Lordandmaster

    Wiki Progress

    November 25, 2009 by Lordandmaster

    Hello and as you know I'm total idiot, just kidding. I'm Lordandmaster but you can call me slave driver. Just kidding. So recently there hasn't been much work. But that's soon to change. I've been working on a system to do this. First we shall work on pages on this to-do list. These pages must be worked on one at a time. No creating pages without all the jobs on the list are done. Questions are allowed.

    Firstly we need a character template.

    Secondly we need the page Pokedex holders to be updated with all the Pokedex Holders.

    Thirdly change the name of every page to have the stupid accented e.

    Fourthly we must make spelling and grammer corrections.

    Fithly we must upload scans and images.

    Sixthly we need more help.

    Lastly we need to put infomation …

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